Here’s a little about me:

I am a college student.

I live with six of my most favorite humans in a house we fondly refer to as the Bungalow.

We like to “wear” old man Hawaiian shirts on special occasions, or like everyday.

Photo Credit: Chase Weholt

My life motto: Embrace Messy Hair

I’m happiest when I am creating things, especially if it involves eating.

I love Farmer’s Markets and all things fresh and local.

Shoutout to our landlord Bob for planting this bomb cherry tree in our backyard          Shoutout to me for the cute overalls and for not falling out of the tree while taking this pic

I have a current obsession with water coloring.

That’s why my post grad plans consist of cooking, writing and being a mermaid


Photo Credit : Chase Weholt

Besides the fact I have approximately 17 chins in this photo, I adore it because my housemates are all reaching towards me in fear that I’ll fall backwards off the rock ledge, but as you can see by my delighted face (and bounty of chins) I am enjoying the situation.

Sometimes you have to walk a little close to the edge to find out who you really are and to get the most of your journey. But remember to keep good friends close-especially if you’re wearing wedge boots on an uneven surface and are known for being a lil’ clumsy.

So despite that cheesy analogy, I’d be honored if you guys would join me on all my wild and not so wild adventures in creating, crafting, eating and laughing*.

  • note: This list is not conclusive or definitive because:

                  NO ONE PUTS BABY IN A CORNER

LOL-which according to my mother dear means lots of love,

so take it how ya want it